Friday, December 23, 2005

PC 2 Xbox 360 Migration Update

Ok. I have a Quake Tattoo that is years old. My LAN handle is Dick Laurent, and I have been carrying my system to homes and halls for years for a little of the ol' deathmatch. The wedding I best-manned<--is that a verb?> included hours of gaming in a public place...
No, I don't compete professionally. Earth & Beyond broke me of deathmatch then got cancelled by the braintrust at EA Games. I stopped upgrading when my system was capable of playing Doom 3. Yes, I'm an iD fanboy.
Fear would run but not well on my system. Then I heard about the Xbox 360. Frightening hardware spec! No way I could put something together for 400.00 that would run better. Decision was obvious, details a little less so. Here are a couple gotchas:
1. Need Hi Def TV.
2. No keyboard/mouse control.
3. "Xbox Live" is not the internet!
The most important hitch --and still so-- is number 2, no keyboard. The wireless controller feels nice, and has the vibration feedback that is pretty darn cool, but is hardly precise. I have 10+ years of gaming with a keyboard to unlearn...and it is proving difficult. I have swallowed a lot of smack from the controller crowd but vow to conquer!

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