Saturday, April 18, 2009

Senseless Juxtaposition

We interrupt this occasional Howler update page to voice a little rant. Apologies in advance!
My gmail box gathers a few journals and news feeds, including the ACLU. Oddly enough I know enough Kansans to finally understand they are just a bunch of communists trying to destroy our country from the inside. These are the same Kansans that hate listening to me rant in person about unlawful wiretaps, being searched at the airport, etc ad infinitum. The ACLU writes:
The new administration will not pursue legal action against the torturers or the architects of the criminal acts carried out in the name of "security". They will continue wiretapping, but that is another rant. This is a juxtaposition.
So, the juxt: Pirate Bay founders get a year in jail each and severe fines. Media companies applaud (and paid for) this brave decision to put those cassette trading, used book reading communist hippy freaks away.
So, crimes against humanity committed in the name of Freedom by a country I once called home are not worth addressing, but some suits tricklestream coke budget is.
What a wonderful world we have made. Let me lock the gate.

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