Friday, May 01, 2009

Crank 2

The expectation? They can't possibly live up to the first one.
Very few sequels outdo -- perhaps because of the novelty factor, a la "bullet-time" in the Matrix -- the original. Crank was such a surprise, fantastic camera, decent acting and Dwight Yoakim, that I figured it would follow the Charlie's Angels model.
You remember, the first Charlie's Angels was perhaps overlong but had a terrific sense of humor and nice campy visuals, and the second one lost it.
Crank 2 is a sequel that replays the first one in feel and deed. The feel was "wow" these guys(Neveldine/Taylor directors, and the entire cast) had a great time making this and are not too arty to share with us. Yes, there is way too much misogyny, homo jokes and gore, but Christ we live in a time that Pirate Bay is in jail and Bush got away with it.
Crank 2 felt fresh in a way "Shoot 'em Up" should have but didn't. The film is packed with ideas, everything seems easy and edgy and pushed as hard as they wanted.

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