Friday, April 10, 2009

HowlerCafe Lives!




Rib night at the HowlerCafe. Guests included some local Ticos who usually find my food too spicy, but loved the Jamaican Jerk! A nice couple from Massachusetts were in attendance, eating Howler Chicken and beans..
Sold through the ribs, the Diablos, and the Stag dessert I designed(think Rhino and Raspberries). We have been well received, now it is just a matter of doing it every day really well, keeping it fresh and paying attention to costs! Simple, right?
No AC as you can see, but it is comfortable outside the kitchen with the useless overhead fans and the ocean breeze. One might hear the ocean if your host didn't have the blues turned up so loud! Towards the end of the evening when your the Blind Boys are belting out their holy thing the entire restaurant gets a gentle rocking vibe on, and spanish and english people mingle together like rice and beans.
Makes me smile!
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  1. Kelly6:20 AM

    Congrats! Great pictures. Looks like a really great place.

  2. The Howler rocks! Best food anywhere!