Thursday, January 12, 2006

RIP Cox Bros BBQ

Best BBQ in Manhattan succumbs to market pressure and another great resource leaves the city. First to leave was "Say Cheese", the cheese vendor/italian bistro in the center of Aggieville. Now the only two places to buy anything better than Kraft is the gourmet shop...
The Cox Bros brought not only a terrific menu and great attitude to Manhattan they hosted live music nearly every month. Never saw a bad band there either. Must be that $3.00 cover!
How good was the BBQ? Well, the BBQ was the third restaurant in Manhattan whose menu is filled with their recipes. The "Texas Star/Hibachi Hut" and "Coco Bolos" are both Cox Bros menus. "Coco Bolos" is foo foo Tex-Mex with great atmosphere and a spirit of invention to the specials. Looks like rather than compete against the encroaching chains littering the new sprawl here they will open another "Coco Bolos" in KC or Lawrence.
Good Luck with their new venture!

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