Wednesday, January 11, 2006


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"Munich" does what few films do: it keeps you thinking days after you have left the theatre. It is not a single horrifying image like Normandy Beach in "Saving Private Ryan", nor a puzzle like "Mulholland Dr.". This dramatization of current world history--yes, the '70's are still current, undigested history--brings to mind questions of policy(s) that are in motion today.
My brother does not have to be in Iraq for me to get the stakes of our pre-emptive war. Spielberg adds the "Israeli twist"--they are a people that fights every day for the sand they live in. The borders are fluid, treaties signed and violated, violations beget retaliation, escalation not a theoretical model but a practical reality.
Spielberg asks us to think about this. Our government tells us to keep shopping.
Here are some links to early thoughtful discussion of this film.
Jack Engelhard on Chomsky.
Alan Dershowitz on Israel/history/Munich.

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