Sunday, January 25, 2009


Internet cafe too slow for me to upload pics, so a current events instead:
Woken at 5am this morning by roosters that warned the trucks would be coming soon anyway, I might as well get up.
Used keys to open shared bathroom for the cold shower. Soap supplied by hotel = 1 sliver of a travel bar. Contacts out in borrowed case, purchased solution for 7 dollars, actually in date. For perspective: room with 2 beds = 18 dollars a night, with 2 towels.

I was surprised the fifth of "Queen Ann" scotch was only half empty, but remembered the full bottle of vino tinto I drank at the "Dolce Vita" prior to the late night Howler strategy session. Dinner for 2 with 1 scotch, 5 beers and a full bottle of house wine = 35 dollars. Food was good, service hot. After dinner drinks marred by the arrival of rude gringos arranging tables the way they like without regard to seated customers. I cringed when the table leg hit the back of the eating customer without even a half hearted Spanglish apology.

Drank the bottle of wine watching spanish dubbed low rent Hercules meets Froddo in the bar.

Bar, tables, roofing and lighting now set for the Howler.

Coffee and Hummus for breakfast at the Gato Negro, delicious. Bought the wife a copy of a fat book that I never got back from Ken, back in the day, Delillo´s "Underworld".

Walked to Spencer´s dream home designed by a dictator a couple of leaders back, took a bunch of snaps I hope to post "soon". Lunch at the Gecko. Met the owner of this themed bar after a couple mid-Sunday margs -- a Spanish major with a minor in foreign relations -- talked about the downward spiral the states are in and the sharp look to his establishment.

Another restaurant this evening for research. Walked to Pali looking for lemons and Cardamon. Looks like a stop will be in order in Pachera..

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