Friday, January 30, 2009

Nicaragua Pictures

Tourist Visa in Costa Rica is a flat 90 day Visa. This means one must apply for an extension or leave the country for 72 hours. Those of us staying here have 2 drivable options: Nicaragua or Panama. My main man had overstayed so I went along for the ride.
He is my partner at the Howler which is still “under construction”. We have a party of 25 booked for February 18th. I am hoping we nave been up for a week before that, but I digress...suffice to say I chalked my trip up to “research”. San Juan Del Sur is a tourist town, nice roads, running cold water and 90% uptime electricity. I'll be posting pics here and on flickr (sign up, viewing is free. Add me as a contact and see all the weirdness in macro) On to the snaps!

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