Wednesday, March 19, 2008

RIP Arthur C Clarke

Childhood's End
Islands In the Sky
Rendezvous with Rama

These are some of his novels that brought joy to my mind way back in the days before things got hectic. More than that they shaped my worldview into something a little more hopeful. Special 2001 showing on movie night this week.
He will be missed.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Wire

Best show on TV is over. Now we wait for the DVD set to re-watch. I am not in such a hurry this season -- the season seemed rushed and incomplete compared to the sprawling labyrinthine constructs of the 4 prior.
Still strong, still heartfelt, and still staring with bloodshot unblinking eyes that is modern life in the city of Baltimore.

The Bank Job

We all enjoy a good heist, particularly at the expense of the "rich", don't we? This is a terrific Bank Job based on an early '70's robbery. This robbery involved safe deposit boxes, and some of the secrets contained within. Pretty a propos considering that Spitzer cat in NY, n'est-ce pas?
Highly entertaining, well shot, briskly paced. Did I mention based on a true story? It is the Stander of 2008. Go ahead, enjoy the show that "Fun with Dick and Jane" should have been the second time around!
Some may argue that my love of "Crank" (the film kids) has distorted my judgement in re Jason Stratham -- far from the case, let me be the first to reassure thee..

Friday, March 07, 2008

My Blueberry Nights

"Oh that's too easy."
"Seems too simple." As if turmoil and failure are the only options where the modern heart is concerned! Watched this hot off of the NC17 Lust Caution (superb) by Ang Lee, and wow, what a contrast in tone and style from 2 terrific directors. I am of course disqualified from "reviewing" (some would suggest my reviews are hardly) any films by Won Kar Wei as I am in fact a card carrying fanboy. What? Laurie Anderson on a soundtrack (Fallen Angels) wouldn't hook you for life? Who's Laurie Anderson? What! Next you'll be telling me Operation Condor was a James Bond film!
"My Blueberry Nights" is a "road movie" that follows the inevitably appropos Laurie Anderson lyric, " the beginning of the movie they knew they had to find each another so they rode off in opposite directions.."
The cauldron of love is a boiling pot and I need a drink.
See it you cynical bastards.

Saturday, March 01, 2008


That widget above provided by National Geographic. Yeah, my work browser crashed too!
No Grendahl, no Joli, and not loud enough for me -- but great 3D regardless!
It is startling to me to think that I have been listening to these guys since 1981. I bought my first U2 Album way back in the day, in Europe, while I was in the Army. I noted then that the cover for their second US release was the cover for the first EU (which was still a concept, as the cold war was on.
MTV playing "Sunday Bloody Sunday" over and over nearly killed my listening as completely as Van Hagar! Then came the Joshua Tree. Oh my. Achtung Baby. Rattle and Hum. Bono picking up where Geldof got ground into the dirt. And now this!
National Geographic presented this show, looks taped live in Buenos Aires. Nate Brent and I got a private show at Carmike, but the 3D crowd was sitting right next to me. Cellphones have replaced lighters. Movies have replaced concerts. iPods have replaced stereos. Home theatre has replaced the movies. MMORPGs and Halo have replaced hanging on them cornas. Plug in, turn on, drop out was never meant for all of us until now. Turn in your weapons first.
U2 3D doesn't outdo Stop Making Sense as a concert film, but man it is good. Not sure how it will translate to 2D on DVD, but at least at home I can crank it.