Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Mission

This is not DeNiro's Mission.
This is a Johnnie To production from 1999. It stars both Anthony Wong and Simon Yam, two of my favorite Hong Kong actors. It is a Triad film, in the tradition of Takeshi(s) --both Beat and Miike-- in varying degrees.
I had gotten tired of gangster movies in the US until The Departed revived the genre...but am still in discovery mode overseas. The other Johnnie To film I enjoyed was "The Election", a superb Triad piece..
The Mission is about 5 super cool guys and their considerable skills. Oddly enough this is a nearly mute character study, with tons of edges and flourishes that will reward the patient viewer. It is certainly no "Election", but well worth the effort to find.

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  1. Welcome back, friend. Although I'm not sure what to make of your 10:15 am posting time.