Friday, March 23, 2007

"Across the Universe" Jitters

I saw the preview for "Across the Universe" in front of "Dreamgirls" and was blown away. The trailer for this musical got me excited, so much so I looked for it on the web right after "Dreamgirls" -- which I enjoyed thoroughly, btw.
The trailer was nowhere to be found, for about a month...
Eventually the trailer was released. My movie buff friends watched it and made fun of me for wanting to see a chick flic. I scratched my head trying to figure out how this was a chick flic, but ultimately I didn't care, the trailer was fantastic! Surreal, 1960s stuff, ratcheting emotions, psychedelics, just about perfect...
There are rumblings in the press about the director taking her name off of the picture. Apparently the studio head recut the film, without her consent. It appears he didn't need her consent per the contract, but nonetheless..
I am thinking of "The New World", and "Brazil" and am worried. I don't need my films to have "commercial appeal", and oddly enough, I figure Julie Taymor would provide a better film experience than the director of "Christmas with the Kranks".
Call me Crazy.

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