Monday, January 15, 2007

Harsh Times

Dark, gritty, bi-lingual treat for the darkness obsessed among us, of whom I number. It is another terrific film for Mr Bale, and he throws himself at the role, or more accurately, into the role. This film deserves more attention than "The Machinist" which will always be remembered by those who saw it as truly starving for your art.
Bale is hardly emaciated here, sporting the appropriate tats for a misogynist gulf war vet needing a risk fix. Risk and violence are no longer omnipresent as he is back in LA, and his corrupted psyche demands it.
Without the tension of combat he is out of his element, and his type A drive demands he get back in. He creates situations where the only outcome is violence, he comes to life during these, dragging his small circle down with him.
The theatre we saw this film in was second run, and the already dark film was underlit at the projection level, with stuttering sound and the occasional silent moments when the soundtrack dropped out completely.
This is probably not a date movie, and some time around or in the military will enhance your enjoyment. This is not an anti Iraq film, nor is it "Johnny Got His Gun", but it treads similar waters..though Bale has all his limbs..

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