Monday, January 08, 2007

Children of Men

Best Science Fiction film of the year. Proper review with sources and links after second viewing this evening.
Click here for background (spoilers) from Wikipedia. Very thorough, and accurate as far as I can tell. Took me awhile to get back to the review as I am still thinking about this movie, and, of course, doing my part to spread by word of mouth. Most reviews have been positive, here (spoilers) is a negative review with a lot more research behind it than the lip service usually given. I believe the reviewer is thoughtful but objects to the director using PD James as a springboard for his own agenda.
I am putting this film up there with Bladerunner.Here (spoilers) is a review that reads like a 25 year old Bladerunner review. The complaint that nothing is explained was a chorus when Bladerunner hit, and, as a guy that was initially disappointed in Bladerunner for similar reasons, I can understand. The book was richer, more textured and had a lot more thematic threads that were not touched on by Ridley Scott's masterpiece.
In retrospect, how could they have been? Both Scott and Cuaron work in an entirely different medium, and have enriched the source rather than try to recreate it. Both of these movies are timeless and immediate, both shake the whole body with emotion and adrenalin, excite the eye with stunning camera, and float you through on a sculpted soundscape.
"Children of Men" takes place next week, next year, 10 years hence or 20 years ago. It is immediately believable as "an outcome". It is as harsh a criticism of paranoia and response as "V for Vendetta" and thoughtful enough to set it overseas so it does not get branded unamerican and boycotted here.
I had wanted to do a post called the british invasion about Theo, the new Bond, and Dubstep, but how do I lump the Mexican director Cuaron into that without ruining the geographical accuracy of the post?
This is absolutely 100% recommended for your big screen big theme great movie viewing pleasure.
BTW, Franco Battiato did the "Ruby Tuesday" cover. Your welcome :)

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