Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tolcha Gestalt

Here is the new stuff. Tolcha have crafted a disc that will finally replace the Conjure record in the continuous play slot at the ValisCafe! This CD is almost a compilation, as guest artists infuse each track with a different sensibility.
Common to all the tracks is head nodding, body movin' bass. Most of the hip hop I listen to is instrumental, or sample based, and I am a breakbeat fan. This disc is very electronic, very layered and filled with vocals. Pretty sure I picked this cd up because the woman from Jahcoozi(Sasha Perera) sings on it, but the tracks with other vocalists were excellent as well.
On a sad note, this is the last disc I will be getting from David at PBE, he is relocating overseas. Not sure what his plans are, but I hope to get another PBEdate before Christmas!


  1. Anonymous3:23 AM

    Hmm, so that's what happened to David. I just realised today that I hadn't received an update from him in 2 months!
    Google brought me here when I punched in the question.

  2. Anonymous3:26 AM

    Huh. So that's what happened to Dave. I realised today that I hadn't had an update from him in 2 months!
    I really do hope PBE opens for business again soon.

  3. I second that emotion!