Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Youth Without Youth

A second dip into the surreal in as many days. Coppola confounds critics (mostly) and spikes debates in the dreaded comment sections respectively.We have already talked about "Mr Nobody" being compared improperly to "Benjamin Buttons", well here is perhaps the 3rd go at reverse aging, but I'll refrain from the "Buttons" comparison save to note that both films star exquisite beauties as the "unobtainium" that drives the eye inward.

I wish I had scene this on the big screen. The absolute only advantage to the Blu-Ray I own is the Director's Commentary. Mr Coppola is as interesting to listen to as his films are a delight to watch. Sure, I do not understand all the references, and have only vague memories of having read about the origin and branching of languages, but a film can sometimes be enough as a feast for the eyes and ears.

I enjoyed another film called "Stop Making Sense" a long time ago. I've enjoyed puzzling the logic out of David Lynch's clues, found "2046" lush and moving even if the train went nowhere. "Youth Without Youth" has its own rhythms, logic and paths that are as Escher as anything in the jaw dropping "Inception's" architecture of dreams.

To dismiss "Youth" as too cerebral is flat out wrong. To dismiss the film because it has no discernible plot would be a shame. Every film should be judged, perhaps, by the rules the director is playing by. Yes, I'm a fan of Lars Von Trier too.

"Youth Without Youth" might not be your cup of tea. I don't care for "torture porn" but made it through "Unthinkable" in spite(after all that, Mamet made the same point in "The Unit", before that, "The Battle for Algiers", but terrific modern nuance made it worth the disruption to my household). Coppola has put his mind and heart on the screen, and his years. He does so with easily discernible skill. His cast has faith in him, and performs for all of us as well as I have ever seen Roth act, which is to say, bravo!

Do pick up the Blu-Ray, worth the dime for the resolution and the audio and that commentary track.


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