Monday, September 10, 2007

Shoot 'em Up

Clive Owen in an over the top "Action Comedy" -- who would a thunk it? Oh wait -- "Sin City" happened! Clive didn't need "Sin City" to get the part, that was cinched years ago with the "BMW Films". He is a natural choice for the role, and the directors are lucky he was game enough to play along..
He looks great. Monica Bellucci looks great. Absurd, contrived, and occasionally way too far over the top this movie, unlike "Slevin" or "Smoking Aces", gets it right more often than not. It is the not played for laughs "Hot Fuzz", an action fans movie made by action fans with a budget.
High contrast lighting and a heavy metal soundtrack were marred at both viewings by no one in the projection booth paying attention to the volume. Jokes were visual, one liners aplenty and a fast talking villain in the "Clarence Boddigger" mold played by Paul Giamatti, made the time pass quickly, with plenty of smiles.
Leave your brain at the door and enjoy the hyperkinetic action and camera.

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