Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Descent

6 Women, 1 Cave and....
That might have been enough for this film, but this is more than an exercise in lighting and gore. The cave doesn't enter the picture for nearly 30 minutes. This is to lay the groundwork for the psychological Descent.
Yes, as in most ensembles, there are characters you like and characters you like not so much. Since this is a bunch of women we can't tell which of them are wearing the Star Trek red shirts. How much snippy dialogue and intentionally awkward silence can we endure before the flashlights die?
This movie will not be the poster child for spelunking. It is a study in claustrophobia and fear and morality in a world gone dark and wet.
To say I enjoyed this film...Well...Remember "Das Boot?" Three hours in a submarine with deadly bolts and a stench you could smell in the theatre? Remember surfacing into the bright outdoors after and feeling the sun..Yes, it is like that..

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